2019 Winterfest


Frozen Swamp Tent during the day

Guests enjoying the Frostbite Fun Run

Chocolate Crawl Golden Passport

Fans take photos with Olympic Gold Medalist, Tyler George, at the Curling Center

The Library invited kids to take apart DVD players and learn about technology

Scott Hamilton at the Sk8 to Elimin8 event

Chefs got to showcase their chili recipes during the Cook Off

Grounds for Thought window art by BGCS

Calico Sage & Thyme welcomes Chocolate Crawlers

The Library hosted an "I Love Ohio" Scavenger Hunt

Dogs enjoyed the Frostbite Fun Run too!

Guests got to try different chili's and soups and pick their favorites

H&R Block window art by BGCS

One of a kind frozen bar.

Chili and Soup Cook Off judging sheet

Eden Fashion Boutique window art by BGCS

Parks and Recreation hosted a cookie decorating table

Trying to find the answers for the scavenger hunt at The Library

Ice Garden

Q&A session with Tyler George at the Curling Center

Happy Chocolate Crawlers!

The Slater Family Ice Arena hosted multiple public skate sessions

Ice Garden

2019 Ice Garden

Ben Franklin's window art by BGCS


AmpWagon performs at the Frozen Swamp Tent


Chocolate Crawlers at Rock Em Sock Em Retro

AmpWagon 2019

Scott Hamilton at a reception held for the Sk8 to Elimin8 fundraising event

The Busy Thimble window art by BGCS

Exhibition game

Children preforming during Scott Hamilton's Sk8 to Elimin8 event.

Chocolate Crawlers are invited into Coyote Beads to make bracelets

Guests enjoying themselves at the public skate sessions

Learning how to curl at the Black Swamp Curling Center